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A Touch of Heaven Design is not your average design firm. We strive to offer you the absolute best professional experience throughout the design and development process. Our knowledgeable team takes pride in providing the highest quality services and most modern techniques, using the most advanced cutting-edge tech available. From planning a small home renovation to developing larger commercial or multi-family projects, from design and development of a new web space to a simple logo redesign, our team is here to help you create something special.

This is why our clients trust A Touch of Heaven Design to create, develop, and refine their projects to the highest level.

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When you hire our team to complete your design project, you aren't only hiring our own knowledge and expertise, but also that of the rest of our network of other companies. Based out of the Gainesville / Ocala area of North Central Florida, our design team also works closely with a strong network of other local experts in related fields, as well as many in other areas of the country. Where ever you are, wherever you want to be, we can help you get there.

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Our Services

Our team of qualified, devoted professionals are ready to help develop and deliver cost effective, quality solutions, from initial design through project completion.

New Homes, Renovations, Additions

Multi-family and Commercial

Building Info Modeling

3D / VR Visualization

Real-time options/ Alternates visualization

Existing measurement & Material Portfolios

Web Design & Development

Logo & Promotional Graphics Design

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Our team members are encouraged to share their thoughts and wisdom with our community. We believe that by sharing and building on collective ideas, we also build connections with those around us as well as confidence in our community as a whole. See what these and members of our other partner companies have to say, and don't forget to subscribe for more useful tips or share any posts on your preferred social media platforms. We are stronger together!

estimation & planning

Whether you're considering a massive new construction project or a small home renovation, it's important be familiar with the processes that will get your project built, and the detailed estimation that will keep the budget under control ...

More Coming Soon

2d & 3d models
versus vr

The days of simple plan sets with top-down and elevation plan views are quickly coming to an end. With VR technology now becoming accessible to the masses, clients can really see what it's like to occupy a space before it's built and watch options iterate before their very eyes ...

More Coming Soon

the importance of proper space planning

Hobbyists and amateur designers can have a knack for creating eccentric designs that catch the eye. However, it's once your family moves into a space that you start to find things aren't working as expected with furniture now sharing the space! Any dedicated designer knows that a big part of space planning is ...

More Coming Soon